The Coface course is geared to Property and Casualty brokers who do not specialize in the marketing of receivables insurance. 

The program will provide a history of receivables insurance in Canada and throughout the world, its use as both a domestic and export risk mitigation tool and the common questions raised by the target audience.  The broker will learn what the common coverage entails, typical exclusions of coverage and the basics of the "language of receivables insurance" in order to be proficient in discussing coverage with a client.

In addition to the details of the policy forms, participants will be provided with insight regarding the benefits to the client of using receivables insurance - as a pure risk mitigation tool, as an enhancement for new or existing bank lines, to provide a competitive advantage through opening up new markets, allowing for larger credit lines to be offered to customers, as well as the ability to outsource some or all of a client's credit function.

The course will also cover the benefits to the brokerage in providing receivables insurance. Knowledge of as broad a range of products as possible best serves the client and also protects the broker's book of business from competitive advances by other brokers who are using receivables insurance to leverage new relationships.

Course Format

2 hours of lecture time followed by 30-60 minutes question and answer period.


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