Gerald Shtull & Associates Launches Ontario office in Toronto

Gerald Shtull & Associates (GSA) opened its Montreal insurance brokerage firm, specializing in receivables insurance protection, in 1994. The firm was one of the first players in the Canadian market. A one-man operation at first, Mr. Shtull single-handedly began to build a thriving customer base introducing receivables/trade credit insurance to its clients.

As the years passed, GSA grew exponentially, becoming the largest specialist receivables insurance brokerage in Canada, and is now one of the five largest specialist firms of its kind in North America.

GSA is a member of The Receivables Insurance Association of Canada, as well as the Europe-Based, international broker network Astreos, and has remained at the forefront of the Canadian industry. GSA represents all the major Canadian carriers and factors throughout North America. It has built a tremendous reputation with impressive negotiation powers.

GSA has over 450 clients ranging in size from sales of under $1M to several billion. Its clients represent a diverse cross-section of industries from manufacturers, importers, and distributors to service providers.

Rob Magee heads up new Toronto office for Gerald Shtull & Associates

Rob Magee heads up new Toronto office for Gerald Shtull & Associates

GSA has expanded into Ontario and British Columbia. Its new Toronto office is headed up by broker Ron Magee, a highly experienced receivables insurance agent. Ron’s attentive relationships with his clients, his knowledge of financial management, and his past as an account executive have positioned him to lay a lasting groundwork for the Toronto operations.

Gerald Shtull & Associates is now able to meet receivables insurance needs in the Greater Toronto Area and throughout Ontario. The company’s specialised expertise, size, and relationships in the industry will allow them to serve new clients as its mission states: providing expert service with unwavering professional care; prioritizing the protection of clients’ accounts receivables and the future growth and prosperity of their businesses. 

433 Chabanel West, North Tower
Suite 1107
Montreal, QC, H2N 2J9

  • Telephone : 514-939-6226
  • Fax : 514-939-5665

367, Bartholomew Street
Newmarket (Ontario) L3X 2E7

  • Telephone : 905-235-5523
  • Cell : 416-884-0254
  • Fax : 1-866-731-3099