The Euler Hermes course is geared to Property & Casualty Brokers who are new to the product or looking to learn more about receivables insurance and how it can be leveraged to bring additional value to their customers.  A tailored course for bankers is also available.

The course will provide a technical overview of receivables insurance, reviewing what the policy covers and how it reacts in different environments.  Brokers will then learn about the main benefits of credit insurance as well and who is most inclined the purchase the product.  The discussion is supported by examples and case studies that will help brokers understand and position the benefits of receivables insurance with their clients.

The program covers the following areas: 

  • Receivables Insurance basics
  • Who buys receivables insurance, and why?
  • Examples and case studies
  • Receivables Insurance market overview
  • Broker Benefits

Course Format

1.5 hour lecture time followed by 30 minutes Q&A


To learn more about the Euler Hermes course please contact:

Jocelyn St-Onge

Manager, Strategic Partners

Euler Hermes Canada


Click here to email Jocelyn St-Onge