What is insured?

What is insured?
What kinds of risks are insured? 
What kind of risks are not insured?
Can I insure a buyer based in my own country?
What is political risk?
Are political risks included in a Receivables Insurance policy?
Does Receivables Insurance cover the effects of armed conflict?
If I am only concerned about a few buyers, can I insure only these?
Can I insure only those risks that are of concern (Selected Risks)?

Can I insure a single transaction only?
Civil Unrest: Is this insured?
CCAA/Chapter 11: Is this insured? 
Is nationalization insured?
Is transfer of currency insured?


Are Receivables Insurance policies standard or tailor made?  
How do I get a policy?
What does a Receivables Insurance policy cost? 
How is the premium calculated?
Are there policies designed for multinationals? 
Are there policies designed specifically for small/medium enterprises (SMEs)?
What is the maximum liability?
How does whole turnover cover work?

What is protracted default?

credit management

How is credit management defined? 
What credit management tools are available to the credit manager?


How can Receivables Insurance ensure my company's liquidity? 


What happens if bankruptcy occurs?
When does insolvency occur? 


What happens if your customers don’t pay?
How do debt collections work?

domestic & export receivables insurance

What is the difference between domestic Receivables Insurance and Receivables Insurance?
What is the difference between export credit insurance and Receivables Insurance?
Is there a difference between Export risks and Domestic risks? 

Credit limits

How do credit limits work and what is their value?
Is there a requirement to disclose buyer identities and usage of granted credit limits? 


What is the difference between the credit risk of a banker and that of a trade credit insurer? 
How does a trade credit insurer cover its risk?
Is Receivables Insurance a type of financial guarantee?
What is the difference between Receivables Insurance and factoring?
Marketable Risks and Non-Marketable Risks: What are these? 
How is Receivables Insurance considered in IFRS?